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the hypnotizing sound

Why Hypnotic Lab?

We have the equipment, expertise and passion needed to create great,


The Beginning

It all began back in our high school days, when listening to electronic music became a passion for us.
We wanted to be able to create our own electronic sound, and then be able to record it.
That’s how the idea for our own studio emerged - a sound lab, that we later called “Hypnotic Lab”.

With time we invested in new equipment, synthesizers, samplers, sequencers; eagerly studied the features and functionalities of the newly acquired devices and then put the new skills to practice. This is how our first band, Energoblock, was born. (1995)

Our musical experiments later evolved towards the direction of progressive electronic sound, whose specific style needed a new image: Energoblock became Hypnotic Rage. With the emerging needs of the new band, our equipment was growing by new hardware and software focused on electronic sound.

Our lab also expanded by an acoustic room for voice recording and then the whole sound recording process could be completed at the same place. 26 years later we are ready to share our equipment with other artists, who are looking to express themselves through the powerful means of music.