How we work

Upload your files to any cloud platform and send us a link to the location at


Send us your mix with explanations what you like and dislike about it.
Please be sure to send us the latest version and information about the BPM.


All tracks need to be consolidated and exported with matching beginning and ending times until fading.
We work with .wav files, which need to have 44100 Khz or 48000 Khz sample rate and 24 bit depth.
Please use descriptive file names, for example:
Кick.* , LdVox.*, Bass.* drum loop*. Pad.*
Each track needs to be free from other sounds.


A requirement for all tracks is to be dry, without any effects (i.e. EQ, compression, reverb, delay, etc). However, if you feel that a certain effect is essential to a certain sound, please provide two versions of the track - with and without the effect - by adding to the file name “FX” and “NoFX”.
When rending the files, please ensure that each one has enough headroom and no overs and clipping artefacts.
Please note that tuning or timing issues won’t be resolved automatically. If any further redaction is needed, we’ll let you know.
The maximum track number per project is 50 and can be up to 7 minutes long.
If you have questions, do not hesitate to email us.
Note: Please keep backup copies. We store files for a week after finalizing the project.