The studio is located in the heart of Sofia.
Designed by an acoustic engineer and an interior designer, it is both functional and cozy.
It is perfectly suited for any kind of EDM production: house, trance, progressive, rap, hip-hop amongst others.

The combination of acoustically designed space, monitoring controller and DAC Crane Song Avocet and Amphion One 18 reference monitors guarantee natural and transparent sound, which enables detailed frequency analysis - critically significant to the mixing process.

In addition to the above the studio is equipped with Klein+Hummel monitors, Bayerdynamic headphones DT900 and DT770.

Hypnotic Lab offers some of the best modern sound recording technologies - equipement by the leading companies in the field Neve, SSL, Tube-Tech, Manley, Dangerous Music, Chandler Limited, Great River, Crane Song, Spl., Lynx, Avid and many more.

Software packages by the following companies are available: Waves, Sonnox, Soundtoys, Izotop, Fabfilter, McDsp - must-haves for each and every studio and producer. Over 45 UAD plug-ins powered by two OCTO Core DSP cards complete the list.

For the sound design we use virtual synthesizers by U-He, NI, AIR and hardware synthesizers Moog Voyger, Prophet 08, Nord Lead 4, Virus Ti, Arturia Origine, Roland V-Synth XT, Novation Bass Station, Akai Z8.

The main DAW we use is Pro Tools 12 HD Native, operated by a powerful 12-core MacPro.

At Hypnotic Lab we combine the in-the-box with out-of-the-box mixing techniques.

This way the sound acquires analogue color and depth, without compromising the digital precision.

Hypnotic Lab equipment list:

Computers & DAW:
MacPro 6.1
MacPro 3.1
Pro Tools 12 HD Native
Ableton 8.1
Audio Converters:
Crane Song HEDD 192
Lynx Aurora 16
Digidesign 96 i/O
RME Fireface 802
Rosendahl Nanoclock
Crane Song Avocet
Amphion One18
Amphoion Amp500
Klein & Hummel 0100
Beyerdynamic DT 990
Beyerdynamic DT 770
Behringer H8000
SPL MixDream
UAD-2 DSP 2xOcto cards
Hardware Compressors:
Thermionic Culture Phoenix
Tube-Tech SMC2B
UBK Fatso
Alan Smart C2
Great River PWM-501
IGS  One LA 500
Hardware EQ:
Dangerous music Bax EQ
Crane Song IBIS
Dav Electronics SIPP m/s
Kush Audio Electra
Neve 1073LBEQ x2
SSL  611EQ x2
Mic & Pre:
Manley Reference C
Neumann U87 Ai
AKG C1000
Great River MP-500NV  
Focusrite ISA430 MKI
Chandler Limited TG2

Hardware Synths:
Korg Oasys
Access Virus Ti
Moog Voyager
Dave Smith Prophet ‘08
Clavia Nord Lead 3
Arturia Origin
Roland V-synth XT
Novation Bass Station
Akai Z8
Motu midi express XT
Software Synths:
NI Komplete 10
U-he Diva
U-he Repro 1+5
AIR Hybrid 3
AIR Vacuum
AIR Mini Grand
Waves Codex
Waves Element
Izotop Iris
Sonic Academy Kick 2
AnaMod Ats-1  hardware
Crane Song Phoenix
UAD Culture Vulture
UAD Ampex ATR102
UAD Studer A800
UAD Oxide
UAD Fatso
UAD Moog filter
UAD SPL TwinTube
UAD BX_Saturator 2
Black Box HG-2
Vertigo VSM-3
Soundtoys Decapitator
Soundtoy Radiator
Soundtoys Devil-loc
Izotop Trash2
URS Saturator
Sonnox Inflator

Lexicon Mpx1 / hardware
Lexicon Mpx 550 /hardware
Lexicon PCM Native Reverb
TC Electronic VSS3
Softube TSAR-1
Avid  Space
UAD Ocean Way Studio
UAD Lexicon 244
Valhalla DSP (soon)
Waves MAXX BCL hardware
Izotop Ozone  8
TDR Limiter GE6
A.O.M Invisible Limiter
McDsp ML 4000
Kazrog Kclip 2
Native & DSP Plugins:
Waves Diamond bundle
Waves SSl 4000 Collection
Waves Api Bundle
McDsp Emerald Pack v6
Eventide Anthology X
Izotop Neutron 2
Sonnox Oxford EQ
Sonnox Oxford Dynamics
Soundtoys V5
FabFilter Q2
FabFilter MB
IK Multimedia ARC
Over 40 UAD plugins
And many more, all plugins
are with licensing
Guitars and Amp:
Gretch Withe Falcon
Gretch Electromatic
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Laney amps x2
Boss GT-8 guitar fx processor             
Cabling & connections :
Vovox , Sommer, Avid Coridal,
Signex CPT96 patchbay
Redco R196 patchbay
EQ Acoustics Gobo